Senza Sordino: 1970

Volume 8, #4 - February 1970
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ICSOM Funds Hit Low - general fund balance $104.07
Symphony Presidents Meet
Steering Committee for Federal Aid
AFM Symphony Symposium: Negotiating Techniques Explored, Be Prepared, Get It in Writing / Be Informed, Money to Kansas City
President Nixon Asks for $40 Million for National Arts
Chairman's Message: Strike Fund Progress
Form Letters to President Nixon, Senator Javits, others, supporting increasing funding for the NEA
Editor's Desk: On Money
Washington National Symphony Signs New Contract: Six Week Strike, Lawyer, AFM,
ICSOM Lauded, Orchestra, Negotiators Praised
ICSOM Welcomes Chicago Lyric
Metropolitan Opera Negotiations: Longest Lockout for Musicians: August 26 to December 4
Bulgarian Symphonies Working Conditions

Volume 8, #5 - May 1970
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Chicago Site For 1970 ICSOM Meeting
Chairman's Message - Denov on the strike fund
Cambodian Crisis Spurs Musician's Peace Efforts
Wage Chart 1969-70
Fired San Antonio Musicians File Suit
Wherefore Art Thou, Bulletin Board?
Secretary of Labor Files Suit Against San Antonio
Local, Asks For New Election
Letters - No Need for ICSOM?
News Notes - Detroit rockers, Cincinnati jazzers

Volume 9, #1 - October 1970
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Chairman's Message: Strike Fund Procedures, New York, Chicago Coordinate Negotiations
Cleveland on Strike
ICSOM Holds 11th Annual Meeting - strike fund, AFM Symphony Symposium, San Antonio
New Conductor Evaluation Sheet
A Calendar of Calumny - San Antonio musician activists harassed by management, conductor, local
New Orchestra Contracts - Buffalo, Chicago, New York, New Haven, Montreal, Minnesota,
NYC Opera
Editor's Desk - ICSOM's accomplishments, things that might have been

Volume 9, #2 - December 1970
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Chairman's Message - response to article in Saturday Review
New Members in ICSOM Orchestras
Vice-Chairman Reports - ICSOM begins bulletins
The "Put-Down" Corner - trumpets, horns duke it out in LA
Letters - Boston musician reports on lobbying efforts
ICSOM Treasury Low Again
Senza Sordino Financial Report 1969-70
The Power of Rock - plants subjected to rock music wither
Senior Citizen Concerts - Los Angeles institutes discount
Editor's Desk - orchestra musicians and the union
San Antonio Votes to Withdraw from ICSOM
ICSOM, AFM to Cooperate - AFM, ICSOM to work on wage chart

Metropolitan Opera Orchestra

Carnegie Hall