Senza Sordino: 1999

Volume 37, #1 - January 1999
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Hear Today - Gone Tomorrow
New York Philharmonic Supplemental Pension Fund
Report from the Chair
Orchestra Musicians Answer Union's Call
Professional Unions on the Rise
Do Millionaires Need a Union?
Newslets - Unions win with the Supremes, Rio Rises

Volume 37, #2 - April 1999
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Domestic Partner Benefits in Orchestra
ICSOM Board De-Bassed!
Directory Updates and Corrections
1998-99 Wage Chart
Voicings - Feedback on Hearing Loss, Non-for-profit Millionaires
Tour de Farce

Volume 37, #3 - June 1999
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The 1999 AFM Convention - A Chance for Salvage, or for Sinking Deeper?
Why ITF Matters
1999 ICSOM Conference Preview
Newslets - Boston Tour cancelled due to war in Kosovo

Volume 37, #4 - August 1999
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Musicians Exchange Roles - Australian Up, Minnesotan Down Under
ICSOM Financial Statement FY 1997-98
An ICSOM-Eye View of the AFM Convention
Voicings - letter from Sam Denov

Volume 37, #5 - October 1999
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The AFM Convention
A Week in the Life of ICSOM
Interest-based Bargaining
1999 ICSOM Resolutions
Senza Sordino Makes the Rounds
Voicings - AFM-EP Fund disability provisions
Newslets - Charlotte in, Simons' legal bill paid

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New Jersey Symphony Orchestra

New Jersey Symphony with Xian Zhang