In Memoriam

ICSOM remembers our colleagues who have passed away this year.


Steve Brook
Violin, Grand Rapids Symphony

Dale Clevenger
Horn, Chicago Symphony Orchestra

Jorja Fleezanis
Violin, Minnesota Orchestra

Julie Ann Giacobassi
English Horn, San Francisco Symphony Orchestra

Betty Glover
Trombone, Cincinnati Symphony Orchestra

Nancy Griffin
Bass, Seattle Symphony

John Head
Trumpet, Atlanta Symphony Orchestra

Don King
Trombone, Kennedy Center Opera House Orchestra

David Niwa
Violin, Columbus Symphony Orchestra

Donald Peck
Flute, Chicago Symphony Orchestra

Jonathan Pegis
Cello, Chicago Symphony Orchestra

William "Bill" Platt
Percussion, Cincinnati Symphony Orchestra

Jim Rago
Timpani, Louisville Orchestra

Christopher Rex
Cello, Atlanta Symphony Orchestra

Jan Mark Sloman
Violin, Dallas Symphony Orchestra

Peter Spring
Bass, Grand Rapids Symphony

Bill Vits
Percussion, Grand Rapids Symphony

Richard Waller
Clarinet, Cincinnati Symphony Orchestra

Ira Weller
Viola, Metropolitan Opera Orchestra

David Wheeler
Violin, Grand Rapids Symphony

Fred Zlotkin
Cello, New York City Ballet Orchestra


Wayne Anderson
Bass, Cincinnati Symphony Orchestra

Ron Barnett
Timpani, Kennedy Center Opera House Orchestra

Harry Barnoff
Bass, The Cleveland Orchestra

Vaclav Benkovic
Violin, The Cleveland Orchestra

Pat Cochran
Violin, Kennedy Center Opera House Orchestra

Russ Dagon
Clarinet, Milwaukee Symphony Orchestra

Hanley Daws
Violin, Saint Paul Chamber Orchestra

Barbara Dechario
Harp, Rochester Philharmonic Orchestra

Judy Berman Fried
Violin, The Cleveland Orchestra

Paul Ganson
Bassoon, Detroit Symphony Orchestra

Dmitry Gerikh
Violin, Buffalo Philharmonic Orchestra

Raymond Gniewek
Violin, Metropolitan Opera Orchestra

Henry Gregorian
Violin, Minnesota Orchestra

Maxine Hineman
Violin, San Francisco Symphony Orchestra

Hong-Guang Jia
Violin, Pittsburgh Symphony Orchestra

Howard T Howard
Horn, Metropolitan Opera Orchestra

Guido Lamell
Violin, Los Angeles Philharmonic

Alice Anderson Oglesby
Violin, Atlanta Symphony Orchestra

Richard Oldberg
Horn, Chicago Symphony Orchestra

Cynthia Otis
Harp, New York City Ballet Orchestra

Vladimir Pritsker
Violin, Symphoria

Richard 'Dick' Reissig
Horn, Metropolitan Opera Orchestra

Genia Slutsky
Viola, Baltimore Symphony Orchestra

Takaoki Sugitani
Violin, Saint Louis Symphony Orchestra

Shirien Taylor-Donohue
Violin, Metropolitan Opera Orchestra

Marvin Topolsky
Bass, Metropolitan Opera Orchestra

Clarendon Van Norman
Horn, Metropolitan Opera Orchestra

Jerome Wigler
Violin, Philadelphia Orchestra

Tom Witte
Horn, Atlanta Symphony Orchestra

Harriet Woldt
Cello, Fort Worth Symphony Orchestra

Charles Wyatt
Flute, Nashville Symphony Orchestra


Alan Abel
Percussion, Philadelphia Orchestra

Ryan Anthony
Trumpet, Dallas Symphony Orchestra

Harvey Biskin
Timpani, San Antonio Symphony

Emanuel Borok
Violin, Dallas Symphony Orchestra

Doriot Anthony Dwyer
Flute, Boston Symphony Orchestra

Victor Fierro
Cello, San Francisco Ballet Orchestra

Eric Gustafson
Viola, Symphoria

Robert W Jones
Viola, Atlanta Symphony Orchestra

Patmore Lewis
Violin, Metropolitan Opera Orchestra

Vincent Lionti
Viola, Metropolitan Opera Orchestra

Mary Louise Nanna
Violin, Buffalo Philharmonic Orchestra

Jim Ognibene
Bass Clarinet, Metropolitan Opera Orchestra

Joseph Rabbai
Clarinet, Metropolitan Opera Orchestra

Lois Schaefer
Piccolo, Boston Symphony Orchestra

Dwight Shambley
Bass, Dallas Symphony Orchestra

Martin Simon
Cello, The Cleveland Orchestra

Ronald Snider
Percussion, Dallas Symphony Orchestra

Gloria Stroud
Violin, Dallas Symphony Orchestra

Robin Sutherland
Piano, San Francisco Symphony Orchestra

Steve Van Ravenswaay
Cello, Grand Rapids Symphony

William Winstead
Bassoon, Cincinnati Symphony Orchestra