Conductor Evaluation Program

Request for files

This form is to be used by managers of ICSOM, OCSM, and ROPA (full member) orchestras only. ICSOM reserves the right to refuse any request. By submitting this form and requesting evaluation results, you agree to the following:

  • We request conductor evaluation results for internal review purposes only. We agree to make no other use of this material, and we understand that it is given to us on this basis only.
  • We agree that we will not disclose this material in whole or in part to anyone outside the management of this organization, including but not limited to conductors, their agents, or the media. (For purposes of the foregoing, "management of this organization" may include persons such as musicians and members of the Board of Directors or organization who are members of conductor search committees, whether or not employed as management staff.)
  • Upon conclusion of our review, we will promptly destroy this material, which includes deleting all electronic files and shredding all paper copies in our possession that contain this material.
  • We agree to indemnify and hold harmless ICSOM, its officers, agents, and employees, the musicians of the orchestra named below, and the AFM Local representing those musicians for any and all losses, damages, or expenses incurred in connection with any claim, action, liability, or suit brought by any party that may arise or result from our use of the conductor evaluation results.

We will notify you when your request has been received and processed. Results will be provided directly to you via password protected file. Thank you!

This form is to be used by orchestra managers only.

For ICSOM managers only:

Do you wish for ICSOM's Administrator to inquire on your behalf about files for the conductors listed above from the banks of OCSM and ROPA?