Senza Sordino: 1967

Volume 5, #3 - February 1967
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Cincinnati World Tour
Wage Chart 1966-67
Labor Department Glum in Employment Outlook
Guest Editorial: The String Shortage - Does This Really Exist?
Letter from Executive VP of ASOL
Israeli Symphony Will Play Wagner
Lebanese Denounce Cincinnati Players ­ Lebanese press claims orchestra is "Zionist"
Review - "Behind the Baton"
Opera Tour Orchestra Saluted - Senza thanks members of Met company who signed petition in support of Indianapolis musicians

Volume 5, #4 - April 1967
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ICSOM Chairman Reports on AFM Meetings:
Discussion Nixed, Reaction Mixed
ICSOM Bylaws Amendments
Reviews - Union Democracy in America and Commitment to Culture
Treasurer's Report
ICSOM's 1966 Conference Covers Vital Issues, Future Actions
Conductor Questionnaire Stirs Wide Interest ­conductor evaluation program begins
Draft Conductor Evaluation Sheet

Volume 6, #1 - October 1967
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International Exchange Program - musicians from
Boston and Japan Philharmonic exchange places for a season
St. Louis Starts Newsletter
Chicago Sideman's Bulletin on Symphony Conductors
ICSOM Chairman Testifies at Senate Copyright Hearings
Some AFM Convention Highlights
Pickets Cause Concert Cancellation, Orchestra Refuses to Cross Line - Baltimore musicians docked
Chicago Bulletin Comments on Lyric Opera Lockout
Local Union Signs Contract, Violates Own Bylaws,
Cleveland Players to Sue
New York Contract Extended: Players to Finish Tour
More Reports on 1966 ICSOM Conference ­Personnel Manager and Shop Steward, Article 22 Provokes Debate, Ford Monies Discussed, Long Seasons Contracts Have Pitfalls, Danielson Case Discussed

Nashville Symphony Orchestra

rehearsing Corigliano Sym. #1