Senza Sordino: 1974

Volume 12, #3 - February 1974
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The Philadelphia Story: East Meets West - tour of China
Montreal Solves Financial Dilemma
United Front and Skillful Negotiating Avert Strike in Cleveland
A Study in Unity - St. Louis refuses to resume rehearsal until arbitrary and unfair actions of management against members of the bass section rectified
Syracuse Negotiates A Transitional Contract
North Carolina Inks One Year Pact
Cincinnati Fills String Positions - Ruder, Schotten hired

Volume 12, #4 - March 1974
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Cleveland Walks Negotiation Tightrope
Letter from Cleveland Orchestra Committee -thanking ICSOM for support
Cleveland Council Supports Orchestra Members -friendship between City Council and members of the orchestra
The Press Speaks Out - press coverage in Cleveland
Cleveland Orchestra on Tour of Hawaii, New Zealand and Australia

Volume 12, #5 - May 1974
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The Puerto Rico Symphony: Where Do We Go From Here?
Minnesota Reports Last Fall Negotiations
Dallas Citizens Ponder, Major Symphony Orchestra or Not?
Chicago Symphony Orchestra Audition Policies
Too Many English Horns - letter proposing replacing English horns in Montreal Symphony with French horns to better represent cultural needs of the French community of Montreal
Buffalo "Streakers" Issue A Challenge - orchestra track club
Detroit Pension Benefits Increased
Pittsburgh Premieres McCulloh Work - composition of orchestra member
1973-74 Symphony Wage Chart

Volume 12, #6 - August 1974
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A Little Game of Strings and Things - article from Industrial Research Magazine on wood for violin-making
Cologne Chamber Orchestra Visits Indy - members of Indianapolis Symphony protest foreign orchestra residency during summer unemployment period
Lyric Opera Signs Three Year Pact
ICSOM Delegates to Meet in New Orleans
Oregon Hosts Philly Members
Next Step: The Big League! - Cincinnati , Indianapolis musicians play seven-inning prelude to real ball game
ASAV Is Formed - formation of American Society for the Advancement of Violin Making in New York
New Orleans Benefits From ICSOM Participation
San Francisco Committee to Explain Non-renewal Fracas

Volume 13, #1 - October 1974
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Dallas: The Malady Lingers On
"Carmen" Disrupts ICSOM Conference - conference ends early to avoid playing Hurricane Carmen
Wilfred Batchelder Obituary - Philadelphia bassist
Message from Chairman Irving Segall
Symphony Bassist Selected by National Endowment
For The Arts - Roger Ruggeri appointed to NEA Panel
Atlanta Ends Two Day Strike
Cincinnati Inks New Pact

Volume 13, #2 - December 1974
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Winds of Change: Part 1- discussion of future of orchestras
Dallas Symphony Association, Musicians Settle Past Wage Issue
From the Editor - thanking Ralph Mendelson for contributions as ICSOM Chairman
Montreal Working Under One Year Agreement
Cleveland Musicians Say "It Was As Much As One Could Bare" - Hollywood Bowl concert invaded by five streakers, pianist has shocking experience
North Carolina Accepts Three Year Agreement
National Orchestra Association Seeks Alumni
To Play or Not To Play - problems with outdoor concerts
Denver Symphony Locked Out - agreement reached after settlement, musicians rejected by Board of Trustees

Metropolitan Opera Orchestra

Carnegie Hall