Senza Sordino: 2015

Volume 53, #1 - March 2015
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Symphoria: Four Years Later
A Symphonic Resurrection in Hawaii
Chairperson's Report - Defiant Opera House of Donetsk
The New IMA
Controlling the Message (by Randy Whatley)
Reaching Younger Audiences - The Cleveland Orchestra's new strategy
A TEMPO Crescendo (by Alfonso Pollard)
Orchestra Newslets - San Francisco Sym., St. Louis, Atlanta, NYC Ballet, Kennedy Center, Minnesota, Buffalo, Chicago Lyric
Dropping the Mute - Advocacy of Advocacy

Volume 53, #2 - May 2015
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Blogging In Fertile Ground - William Short
"Lobbying" in North Carolina - Rachel Niketopoulos
Chairperson's Report - Music Education & Hope
Cancer Blows - Ryan Anthony
Baltimore Symphony Musicians Play for Peace - Michael Lisicky
Fifth Grade Concerts - Julie Edwards
Understanding and Negotiating for Disability Insurance - ICSOM Counsel Susan Martin
Orchestra Newslets - NY Opera, Dallas, St Paul, NY Phil, Cincinnati, Buffalo, Baltimore, North Carolina, Boston
Sam Denov Remembered
Dropping the Mute

Volume 53, #3 - July 2015
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Minnesota in Cuba
Project 440
Chairperson's Report - Brian Rood steps down
Secretary's Report
President's Report
Live Arts in Grand Rapids
A Collaborative Settlement in Cincinnati
Pittsburgh Fellowship Program Builds Success
A New Path to Agreement in Utah
Minnesota Orchestra Settlement

Volume 53, #4 - October 2015
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2015 Conference Report
Service Connection – Gloria dePasquale
Chairperson’s Report – Darkness Audible
#WePlayOn – Report from London Ontario
Houston Symphony Portrait Wall – A Way to Connect with the Audience
Adopted Resolutions of the 2015 Conference
Orchestra Newslets – Cleveland, Atlanta, Los Angeles, Baltimore, Oregon, Nashville, Buffalo, New York Philharmonic
The Force is Strong in San Diego
A Concert for CASA
Boston Symphony Completes European Tour
Dropping the Mute – Rebutting anti-unionism

Volume 53, #5 - December 2015
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Grand and Rapid versus Small and Sluggish - Paul Austin
Growth Not Cuts - Scott Jessup
Chairperson's Report - In This Bleak Mid-Winter
President's Report - Keep Going
Repaying my Debt to the Cincinnati Symphony - Paul Austin
In the Eye of the Storm - Jose' Martin
Fighting the Flatline - Kevin Case
Secretary's Report - Fair Play, Pair Pay
Orchestra Newslets - Kansas City, New York Philharmonic, Metropolitan Opera, Chicago Lyric Opera, New Jersey, Houston, Indianapolis, Detroit
In Memoriam: Reinhardt Elster, 1914-2015
Dropping the Mute - Advocating without denigrating

Milwaukee Symphony Orchestra