Senza Sordino: 1963

Volume 1, #1 - January 1963
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Editorial - Introduction to Senza
Four Orchestra Symposiums- orchestras meet to form ICSOM
Excerpt from Symposium Minutes - formation of Senza
Boston Symphony Blends Art, Social Gains
Canon à Deux - Chicago, Los Angeles share a negotiation
Firing Points Up Symphony Woes ­ Philadelphia musicians assail discharge of older violinist
Petrillo Regime out; Reform In!
News Items
Notable Quote Department ­ Skrowaczewski compares musicians to birds

Volume 1, #2 - March 1963
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Editorial - Senza finances, introduction to wagechart
Compliments from an Unexpected Source ­ reprint from newsletter of AFM Local 161
Unemployment Compensation
Interview - Wolfgang Klopf makes the trains run on time
Wage Chart 1962-63
Tour Canceled in Pay Dispute with Orchestra ­Philadelphia doesn't go to South America
The Vanishing Victory - Chicago musicians battle with Petrillo's successors
Orchestra Members' Committees - a list
News Items

Volume 1, #3 - May 1963
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Announcement of Orchestra Symposium
Editorial - Cleveland musicians fight for right to ratify
A Communication to the McClellan Committee ­letter from Cleveland musicians proposing Federal legislation to guarantee the right of ratification to union members
More Trouble in Cleveland - history of fight to gain right to ratify agreements
Clarence Darrow on Labor
Orchestra Members' Committees- a list
Wage Chart 1962-63 - continued
News Items
Financial Summary

Volume 2, #1 - Fall 1963
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ICSOM Comes of Age
Editorial - the role of ICSOM
Orchestra News - Philadelphia, St. Louis, Cleveland, Los Angeles, Cincinnati, National
New Phonograph Record Agreement
Orchestra Committeemen 1963-64 Season

Cleveland Orchestra

With Giancarlo Guerrero at the Arsht Center