Senza Sordino: 1966

Volume 4, #3 - January 1966
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Minneapolis Symphony Signs Five-Year Contract
Report on New Federal Education Programs
Bylaws Changes to be Voted On
AFM President Kenin Answers ICSOM Questions on New Federal Programs
ICSOM Makes Headlines - news reports about ICSOM
Poetry Corner - To a Convalescing First Chair Player
Former Symphony Conductor Dies - Rudolf Reiner obituary
Letters to the Editor - to St. Louis Globe from clarinetist
Honor Cincinnati Symphony Trip - UN Ambassador hosts Carnegie concert
Peoria Symphony Given High Praise
Pittsburgh Signs Steinberg for Three Years
AFM President Kenin Praises Ford Foundation Grant

Volume 4, #4 - March 1966
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Chairman's Message: Consider Role of Personnel Manager
ICSOM Executive Committee Meets with AFM President Kenin
Secretary's Report: ICSOM Adds New Members
Special Meeting of the AFM IEB Held in New York
Swiss Miss to Assist Bernstein with the Philharmonic - Sylvia Caduff hired as assistant
Saslav Named as Concertmaster for Minneapolis
Kennedy Center Construction Begins
Boston Symphony Group to Visit West Coast
Chicago Symphony Signs Three-Year RCA Contract
Nadien Named as Concertmaster of New York Philharmonic
Britain Ups Aid to Arts by One-Third
Alfred Brain Obituary
New Opera Company Formed on West Coast
London Symphony to Play Series at Florida
International Music Festival
Shaw Named Music Director in Atlanta
Detroit Settles on New Three-Year Contract
Is This County A Cultural Desert? - excerpted from broadcasts of Edward P. Morgan

Volume 5, #1 - October 1966
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The Philadelphia Story - letter to the public from Philadelphia musicians, unanimous strike vote, statement from musicians
Los Angeles Philharmonic Negotiations
A Cultural First? - Baltimore plays at Orioles game
Editor's Report - introducing new format
Treasurer's Report
Secretary's Report - attends ASOL conference
Musicians' Union Tells Local To Allow Criticism In Ranks - New Haven local informed of the existence of the First Amendment
Rockefeller Urges Arts Council for Business ­David Rockefeller speaks on corporate support for the arts
ASOL's view of Symphony Negotiations - ex-flutist becomes management negotiator, tells managements how
Publications Review
On Strike Through Summer, Indianapolis Stays Out Three Weeks
Kansas City Up From $115

Volume 5, #2 - December 1966
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Los Angeles Dispute Settled - three week lockout stirs local support
Two Month Strike Ended, Philadelphia Makes Gains
New York City Ballet Musicians Settle
Met Orchestra Threatens Strike, Gets Finalized Contract
Editor's Report: "In Union There Is Strength"
Treasurer's Report
Notice - unused strike funds contributed to National and St. Louis turned over to ERF
Indianapolis Raided During Strike - 23 musicians leave
Roy Cox Tells ICSOM History, Goals ­ former ICSOM Secretary addresses ASOL Convention
Telegram of Thanks to Stokowski . . . And His Reply
Ford Foundation Makes Massive Grants to Symphonies
Chairman's Comments
Washington International Arts Letter

San Francisco Symphony Orchestra