Senza Sordino: 1976

Volume 14, #3 - February 1976
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All Systems "Go!": Orchestras Back to Work - Pittsburgh Signs, Oakland Wins 9% Increase, San Francisco Symphony Signs After One-Day Lockout, National Negotiations Low-Key
Book Review - The Professional Symphony Orchestra in the United States
Kirke's Work Pays Off - Minnesota Orchestra musician convinces newspaper to write editorial on arts funding
Play and Talk Result in Agreement for Met Orchestra
Group Insurance Probe to Continue - investigation of group life and health insurance for ICSOM orchestras
Montreal Signs Two Year Agreement
Poetry Corner - poem by Ted Dreher lauding Philip Sipser
Detroit's Nine-Week Lockout Ends

Volume 14, #4 - April 1976
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Fiddler on Sabbatical - former ICSOM chair George Zazofsky is ICSOM's roving ambassador to foreign orchestras
OCSM Is Born
Musical Medicine - medical journal reprint
And That's The Way It Was - sports writer covers symphony
New Battle for NEA Funds Shaping Up
Letter from New Jersey Symphony Orchestra Committee - disputing death of New Jersey Symphony
Watch Out, Zubin! - Viking tackles conducting

Volume 14, #5 - June 1976
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Syracuse Symphony Gets New Hall
KC Reports Settlement
Seattle Contract Report
Montreal Tours Europe
Let's Hear It For the Danes - Danish orchestra manager informs SS officer that Jewish musicians are all on sick leave; all receive back pay after Germans get boot
ICSOM Conference in Denver
Wage Chart 1975-76
OCSM Wage Chart 1975-76
A Torchbearer - Einar Hansen, violinist, dies
Minnesota Musicians Vote Pension Concert Proceeds to Retirees
Poetry Corner - Ted Dreher on conductors

Volume 14, #6 - August 1976
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Trustees Vote $100 A Week Strike Fund Benefit
Chicago Tops Marathons - Chicago Symphony raises $320,000 in radio marathon
ICSOM Conference Guest Speakers Announced
To Bow or Not To Bow - advocating free bowing
The Candidates: Their Arts Support Record
ICSOM Meeting with ASOL Conductors' Guild
Christmas Week Off to Go the Way of the Carrier Pigeon?
Oakland Musicians Sponsor Concerts
"Katie" Komments on LA "Phil" Garmenture -discussing the wearing of tails

Volume 15, #1 - October 1976
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The Fourteenth ICSOM Conference: A Year of Growth and Recognition
Chicago Salaries Rise To $500 Per Week in '78-'79 Season
Houston Trustees Lock Out Its Orchestra
Chairman's Message
Two-Year Symphony Pact Signed by Oregon Symphony
Letter from Buffalo Musician - nixing free bowing
Minnesota Orchestra Settles
Indianapolis Signs in July

Volume 15, #2 - December 1976
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Public Broadcast and Cable TV: More for the Arts Viewer?
NYC Opera Ends 17-Day Strike
Copyright Laws Revised: Performers' Rights Ignored
Houston Back to Work: Work Stoppage Longest Ever
St. Louis First with Sabbatical Leave
Classic Record Sales Increase
Dallas Signs Three Year Pact

Cleveland Orchestra

Vienna Musikverein