Senza Sordino: 2016

Volume 54, #1 - March 2016
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Briefly Behind Bars-KCS musicians play for a captive audience (Michael Gordon)
Columbus Symphony Orchestra Outreach (Betsy Sturdevant)
Chairperson's Report-Walls and Bridges (Bruce Ridge)
Recent Contract Negotiations of the Chicago Symphony Orchestra (Steve Lester & John Hagstrom)
Librarian Elections at the Kennedy Center-Another example of Armour-Globe elections (Barbara Jaccoma)
The Gershwin Critical Edition (Mark Clague)
Secretary's Report-Media, royalties, pension, and lawsuits (Laura Ross)
The St Louis Symphony Sells Modern Music (Chris Woehr)
Orchestra Newslets-Baltimore, Boston, Nashville, San Francisco Ballet, Minnesota, Rochester, National, New York Philharmonic

Volume 54, #2 - June 2016
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Grand Rapids' Historic Contract
Oregon Symphony Ratifies New Three-Year Contract with Raises (Well, Sort of)
Chairperson's Report: Hello I Must Be Going
Congratulations, You're an Employee (Right?)
Community Service Lauded
A Collective Tribute to Bruce Ridge
New Jersey Site Visit
Emeritus Musings
Newslets: Nashville, Chicago, Utah
Dropping the Mute

Volume 54, #3 - October 2016
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The Road to the Picket Line
Conference Report
Chairperson’s Report: The Nature of ICSOM
ICSOM on the Pitch: Of baseball and orchestras
Opera Down Under
Protecting Our Greatest Asset
Performance for Peace
Newslets: Detroit, Nashville, Los Angeles, Buffalo
Adopted Resolutions of the 2016 Conference

Volume 54, #4 - December 2016
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Down to the Wire
Growth Not Cuts: A Done Deal
Chairperson’s Report: Pit Against the Money
Whack-a-Mole with the New Business Model
A Week of Relief
Newslets: Indianapolis, Atlanta, Baltimore, National, Detroit, Minnesota, Kennedy Center
Readers Respond:On past media negotiations
Dropping the Mute

Columbus Symphony Orchestra