Senza Sordino: 1988

Volume 26, #3 - February 1988
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Detroit Symphony Orchestra Settlement
Taped Resume or Taped Audition: 1987
ICSOM Survey
Settlement in San Antonio
1987-88 Wage Chart
ICSOM Governing Board Meeting
Settlements - Milwaukee, Florida Symphony, San Antonio
New Orleans Season Canceled

Volume 26, #4 - April 1988
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Putting In Our Two Cent's Worth on Artistic
Advisory Committees
Orchestra's Efforts Come Full Circle - Baltimore musician writes about solidarity
ICSOM Treasurer Counts $$$ for Local - Florence Nelson appointed treasurer of Local 802
A Wind Concert for Life and Breath
A Stall in Negotiations? - new restroom trip policy
Lessons: ICSOM Counsel Reviews Negotiations
1987-88 Calendar of Meetings
Senior Symphony Debuts This Month
Floppy Contracts - AFM, ICSOM to get contracts on disk
Settlement Summaries - SF Ballet, SF Symphony, St. Louis

Volume 26, #5 - June 1988
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ICSOM Shuffles Off to Buffalo - 1988 Conference preview
Some Thoughts on Representation - duties of delegates
Seattle Future Looks Foggy
Letters - San Francisco musician on musician input
Elections - nominations for new officers
Orchestra/Union Relations Not All Bad - interview with president of St. Louis local
New Earplug Development
Settlement Summaries - Pittsburgh, Louisville

Volume 26, #6 - August 1988
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Justice For Extras
Oklahoma Symphony Dissolved
Conductor Evaluations Evaluated
Looking Back - past comments about conductor evaluations
ICSOM Orchestras Contribute over $69,000 to Colleagues in Need
After Retirement, What? - retirement issues besides pension
Saving the Ozone - SF musicians recycle, ban styrofoam cups
Orchestra Finances - money management for committees
Medical Alert - high doses of B6 may cause nerve damage

Volume 27, #1 - October 1988
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The Summit Meets IEB - IEB meets with player conferences
Seattle Leaves the AFM
A Position Paper: Troubled Orchestras
AFM Personnel at ICSOM Conference
Cry Wolf! - ICSOM president raises wolves
In Support of Open Auditions - letter from SPCO musicians
Elections - new officers

Volume 27, #2 - December 1988
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Don't Add This Fiber to Your Diet - asbestos in halls
Letters - Vancouver musician on Seattle's leaving the AFM
Settlement Summaries - Houston, Rochester, Utah,
Phoenix, Florida Orchestra, Chicago, New York Philharmonic
Strike Up the Fund - strike fund trustees meet
Help Wanted - assistant for AFM Symphony Department
Changes on Governing Board - Nancy Griffin resigns

Milwaukee Symphony Orchestra