Senza Sordino: 1981

Volume 19, #3 - February 1981
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At Long Last: A Kansas City Philharmonic Contract
The Florida Symphony: A New Beginning
Con Sordino Cough Requested - reprinted from program book seen at Festival Hall in London
North Carolina Signs After One Week Strike
1980-91 Symphony Wage Chart
Record Pirate Draws Jail Term and Fine
Letter - from John Palanchian discussing advertisement in International Musician for job in Venezuela
Phoenix Survives First Work Stoppage
Utah Contract Reflects Effort to Attain Peer Orchestra Equality

Volume 19, #4 - May 1981
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Erich Leinsdorf Speaks Out - disputes Schuller remarks
Government Funding for the Arts In Trouble?
Artist Fees a Concern
Letter from the Editor - AKC Philharmonic Contract
AFM Strike Fund Changes Recommended
Musicians' Nightmares
Republic Airlines Policy on Instrument Carriage Discriminatory?
An Open Collar Concert - program for concert near Three Mile Island

Volume 19, #5 - July 1981
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Tinnitus Sufferer? There's Hope for Relief
Like Traveling? Try This On For Size - LSO 1912 US tour itinerary; 24 concerts in 20 days
With Friends Like This, Who Needs Enemies? - letter to Rep. James Hansen from members of the Utah Symphony
1981 ICSOM Conference Promises Stimulating Agenda
Minnesota Orchestra Responds to Irresponsible Criticism
Local 4 and Detroit Symphony Break New Ground in Union - Orchestra Relations
The New ICSOM Directory

Volume 19, #6 - August 1981
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Narrowing The Rift: Zenone Addresses ASOL Conference
More on Republic Airlines Policy on Instrument Cartage
Boston Early Music Festival and Exhibition Largest in US
Detroit Symphony Agrees to Short Wage Freeze
Dreher Compiles Informative Personnel List -orchestras broken down by sex (!)
North Carolina Symphony Trustees Cancel Season and Contract
National Ratifies Three Year Pact

Volume 20, #1 - October 1981
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ICSOM Delegates Meet in Milwaukee
Pittsburgh Agrees to Three Year Pact
Contract Signed by Oklahoma Symphony Orchestra
LA In The Fold, Signs Three Year Contract
Delegates React to Panel Discussion on Job Satisfaction
Philadelphia Signs Agreement for $210 Over Three Years
The North Carolina Story Not a Rosy Picture
Let's Get With It - delegates chided for tardy return of information
The Best of Everything, Ted - wishing retiring head of AFM Symphony Department Ted Dreher well

Minnesota Orchestra