Senza Sordino: 1985

Volume 23, #3 - February 1985
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Music Medicine
Concern Over Use of Beta Blockers
1984 Aspen Conference
Music Assistance Fund Orchestral Fellowship Update
President's Council Meets in Chicago
Liaison Committee Meets in New York
St. Louis Has Physical Fitness Program
1984-85 Wage Chart
Settlement Summaries - Florida Symphony, Louisville, New Orleans, SF Symphony

Volume 23, #4 - April 1985
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A Look at Two European Orchestras
Oklahoma, Minnesota Musicians Play for Famine Relief
Another Perspective on Stage Fright
1985 Music Medicine Symposia
The Association For Classical Music
Settlement Summaries - Kennedy Center, Louisville, Rochester, SPCO, San Antonio

Volume 23, #5 - June 1985
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San Antonio Strike Ends
Preliminary Sound Level Survey Report
Orchestras Seek Solutions to Decibel Dilemma
ICSOM Conference in Focus - 1985 Conference plans
Special Committee on Sound Levels Meets in Chicago
New ICSOM Directory is Published
ICSOM Legal Counsel Review Settlements
Settlement Summaries - San Antonio
Margaret Lucchesi Obituary

Volume 23, #6 - August 1985
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Australian Group Studies Sound Levels Problem
ICSOM Officer Profiles
Feedback - editor responds to numerous comments
Sightreading from Hell - "excerpt"
Settlement Summaries - Phoenix
Index to Volume 23

Volume 24, #1 - October 1985
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ICSOM Convenes in San Francisco
Minnesota Musicians, Union Agree on Representational Costs
SPCO Project Promotes Overview - musicians, staff and board meet for retreat, try to advance
Seattle Musicians Achieve Work Dues Reduction, Definition of Union Benefits
Settlement Summaries - Chicago, Oklahoma, Oregon

Volume 24, #2 - December 1985
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Atlanta Symphony Players Fund Salary Increases
Music Assistance Fund Update
New Music Medicine Clinics, Journal Debut
Liaison Committee Meets in New York
Milwaukee Symphony Offers Seminars - preventing injuries
Settlement Summaries - Baltimore, Detroit,
Houston, Minnesota, NY Philharmonic, Seattle, St. Louis
Committee Continuity - advice from old hand to new

New Jersey Symphony Orchestra

Opening Night, 2012-13 Season