Senza Sordino: 1990

Volume 28, #3 - February 1990
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Congressman Sidney R. Yates: A Champion of the Arts
January Meetings
1989-90 Wage Chart
Cartoon Contest Winner - Superconductor
Settlement Summaries - Buffalo, Boston, Cleveland, San Diego, NYC Opera, New Jersey, NYC Ballet
The Houston Symphony Musicians' Project Fund
Worth Noting - IEB changes phono ratification rules, NYC Ballet works with 802

Volume 28, #4 - April 1990
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Doors Were Closed, Hearts Were Open - National tours USSR
Musicians' Hazards - health and safety hazards
A Source of Help - ACTS provides health, safety services
Cartoon Contest Winner - Orchestra Chairs
News - Governing Board meets, negotiating orchestras meet, IEB adopts Roehl report
1989 "Playing Hurt" Conference

Volume 28, #5 & 6 - June-Aug 1990
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The State of the (Dis)Union - Buckley addresses the IEB
1990 Conference Preview
The Roehl Report
What Is a Trade Division?
What Does the Roehl Report Mean?
Emerson's Remarks to the Northwest Conference of AFM Locals
Emerson's Response to ICSOM Chairman
Keep Sending Those Cards and Letters - supporting NEA
Guest Conductors and Tours This Past Season
Baltimore Symphony Drives By Ramada Ithaca - musicians support hotel workers
Cartoon Contest Winner - Know Your Conductor

Volume 29, #1 - October 1990
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ICSOM Conference In Orlando: More Action Than a Theme Park!
AFM's Problems Worsen
Bill Roehl Sees Hope for the AFM Elections
Electronic Media Problems: A Broken Record
How the League's Executive Director Views the Field - Catherine French addresses Conference
The Music Lobby - AFL-CIO lobbyist speaks about lobbying
Antoinette Handy - NEA staffer speaks to Conference
Chairperson's Report
Conductor Evaluation Score: 2 Runs, 0 Hits, 2 Errors
Fond Farewells - three officers retire, change in counsel

Volume 29, #2 - December 1990
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52 to 52 - Philadelphia ratification vote a tie
Florida Symphony Tribute to Bernstein
Union Services to ICSOM Orchestras
Orchestra Players' Associations: Whose Business Is It?
Music to Your Ears, But Not to Your Eyes - problems with printed music
Noteworthy - new AV agreement, Blue Ribbon panel meets

Cleveland Orchestra

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