Senza Sordino: 1991

Volume 29, #3 - February 1991
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Blue Ribbon Wraps Up Final Package
1990-91 Wage Chart
Cartoon: Is Your Stand Partner a Space Alien?
Letter - from Detroit musician about support from Local 5
Rebel With a Cause - Chicago activist Wayne Barrington
Noteworthy - St. Louis cancels Europe tour on account of Persian Gulf war, Florida Orchestra settles

Volume 29, #4 - April 1991
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A Union That Marches To Its Members' Tune - profile of Hawaii local and its president
Resolutions - to be presented at 1991
AFM Convention
Governing Board Meeting
Editorial - small and large orchestras must work together
Music Medicine News - Aspen conference, Eastman conference, textbook published
Noteworthy - AV agreement ratified, ICSOM sends five to AFM Convention, ICSOM engages consultants

Volume 29, #5 & 6 - June-Aug 1991
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Commentary - Buckley on the AFM and the Blue Ribbon recommendations
ICSOM Conference Agenda
We Sit at the Same Table, But on Opposite Sides -Torch address to ASOL
Book Reviews - books on auditioning
Fit as a Fiddle - exercise for musicians, review of video
Noteworthy - Colorado musicians receive bonus

Volume 30, #1 - October 1991
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1991 Conference: The View from Vail
Orchestras Need Services From AFM
Reforms Will Help AFM, ICSOM
Professionals Bring Music Copying to a High Art
National Health Care Proposed to Cure InsuranceWoes
Six ICSOM Orchestras Flex and Stretch
Playing Less Hurt© Conference
Mock Negotiation Session
Fine Detail - Tom Hall coordinates ICSOM Conference
Letter - anonymous string player compares principals to Hindu merchant class
AFM President Speaks to Conference

Volume 30, #2 - December 1991
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Rochester Philharmonic Musicians Honor Music Teachers
Concertgoer's Guide Reaps Rewards for Honolulu Symphony Musicians
Asleep at the Helm? - conductors report sleeplessness before and after performances (not during?)
Strike Fund Trustees Meet
"Fat" Ballerina vs. Management "Heavies" - ABT dancer discharged by lean and mean management
Pension Pointers
Marilyn Lauriente Sadly Missed - obituary
ICSOM Conference: Impressions of a First-Timer

Kansas City Symphony