Senza Sordino: 1989

Volume 27, #3 - February 1989
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Life Goes On, Even During a Strike - Baltimore musicians survive 21-week strike
Dial 466-1RAT - Baltimore hotline
1988-89 Wage Chart
Negotiating Orchestras Meet
Music Medicine Capsules
Aspen Music Medicine Conference

Volume 27, #4 - April 1989
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New Orleans: Blues in the Black - New Orleans Symphony reorganizes
August 1989: Looking Ahead to Aspen - 1989 Conference preview
SF Opera Takes a Stand: musicians design the perfect stand; management builds it (and did they come?)
Pit Players Produce Perfect Pitches - opera orchestra life
Settlement Summaries - Minnesota, New Orleans, Baltimore
The Good, the Bad, and the Ugly - ICSOM counsel discusses Baltimore strike

Volume 27, #5 & 6 - June-August 1989
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Orchestra Players Make Significant Gains at AFM Convention
Black Musicians in the ICSOM Orchestras
Hiring of Rick Robinson Provokes Strong Reactions
Robinson Responds - interview with Detroit musician
Agenda: 1989 ICSOM Conference at Aspen
NEA Appropriations

Volume 28, #1 - October 1989
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ICSOM Moves Mountains at Aspen: 1989 Conference Overview
The Arts Under Siege: What to Do? - arts lobbyist speaks
What Your ICSOM Dues Buy
Live-PALRA: Why Should We Care?
Progress Toward a Trade Division: Consultant Recommends Evolution, Not Revolution
Arden House Retreat Successful - Music Assistance Fund

Volume 28, #2 - December 1989
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Colorado Symphony Orchestra Formed
Settlement Summaries - Florida Orchestra, San Antonio, Metropolitan Opera, North Carolina, Detroit, Atlanta, Indianapolis, Syracuse
Legislative Action Committee
Calling on Congress - National musician lobbies Congress
What Live-PALRA Means (Legally)
Reach Out and Touch Someone - outreach programs
John Palanchian, Former ICSOM Treasurer, Dies

Cleveland Orchestra

Takako Masame, Miho Hashizume, Ralph Curry, Lynne Ramsey