Senza Sordino: 2000

Volume 38, #1 - January 2000
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Three Strikes, We're Out - Toronto, NYC Ballet, Atlanta Ballet
Reports from the Field - AFM & TDU Conventions, Music and the Internet
More Professionals Join Unions
Scab Alert
World Trade Organization
Voicings - dispute in Halifax
Newslets - 2000 Conference announcement, Dreith moves on, Milwaukee Symphony goes to Cuba

Volume 38, #2 - March 2000
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Our Successors: Performing in solidarity or as scabs?
ICSOM Financial Statements FY89/99
Empty Seats - What can we do?
MPTF brings orchestras to airwaves
MMB Music reaches middle age
ICSOM Wage Chart 1999/2000
AFM reform gets high marks
Voicings - Electronic Media Forum

Volume 38, #3 - June 2000
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New Internet Agreement reached
Closing cadence
ICSOM conference 2000
A bit of history and advice - on outreach programs reaching into musicians' pockets
The nonprofit paradigm

Volume 38, #4 - August 2000
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Who represents you?
Index to Senza Sordino Volumes 36 & 37
Actors strike advertising industry
Supreme Court rules on job bias
ICSOM conference 2000

Volume 38, #5 - October 2000
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Introspection at ICSOM
Florida Philharmonic settles under duress
Theater musicians face challenges
ICSOM musicians rally for Louisville nurses
Atlanta Ballet settles
ICSOM Conference resolutions
ICSOM revisited
Senza Sordino wins national awards

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Los Angeles Philharmonic

YOLA at HOLA, Nielsen Quartet