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ICSOM Treasurer Michael Moore steps down after 39 years of service to ICSOM

September 1, 2021

The International Conference of Symphony and Opera Musicians (ICSOM) recognizes, thanks, and salutes Michael Moore for his decades of service to the organization.

Michael began his affiliation with ICSOM in 1982 as the ICSOM Delegate for the Atlanta Symphony Orchestra (ASO), a position that he held until 2019, thus achieving the status of ICSOM’s longest serving delegate.

Along with the Atlanta Federation of Musicians Local 148-462, American Federation of Musicians, and the ASO, Michael hosted the annual ICSOM conference in Atlanta in 1986. He began his service on ICSOM’s Governing Board as a Member-at-Large in 1990.

In 2002, Michael was elected Treasurer and served ICSOM for 19 years in that position. After completing his term in August 2021, he decided to step down from his many years of service to ICSOM.

“Michael’s service to ICSOM is unparalleled in our history,” said Meredith Snow, ICSOM Chairperson. “He has been a tremendous asset to us and to his orchestra, as a musician, as ICSOM Delegate, and as Treasurer. His knowledge and many years of experience of our collective history is a resource to all. He will be sorely missed by ICSOM.”

Michael Moore joined the ASO as Principal Tuba at the age of 18. During his 53 years with the orchestra, he has filled nearly every position on the ASO orchestra committee. Michael continues as a member of the ASO and currently serves as Vice President of AFM Local 148-462 in Atlanta.

The International Conference of Symphony and Opera Musicians (ICSOM) represents nearly 4000 symphonic musicians in the top 53 orchestras in the United States and Puerto Rico. ICSOM's mission is to promote a better and more rewarding livelihood for the skilled orchestral performer and to enrich the cultural life of our society.

Please contact ICSOM Chairperson Meredith Snow at (818) 786-3776, or by writing meredsnow@gmail .com.


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