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  • Bruce Ridge authors book on ICSOM
    • Last Year's Words, and Next Year's Voices: Essays and Speeches from a Decade as Chairman of the International Conference of Symphony and Opera Musicians, by former ICSOM Chairperson Bruce Ridge, is now available. This collection of writings serves as a remarkable journal of advocacy on behalf of one of the world’s greatest cultural treasures: our symphony orchestras.

      The book is available from the publisher here. It is available from Amazon here.

  • The Way of Cane
    • A new book by former Houston Symphony bassoonist Eric Arbiter. The book is also available from Amazon here and from Barnes and Noble here.
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  • History of the Detroit Symphony
    • This new book details the history of the Detroit Symphony. Authors are Laurie Harris and DSO Emeritus member Paul Ganson.
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  • The Arts from The Bottom Up
    • "The Arts From The Bottom Up" by Marsha Schweitzer, subtitled "Three Little Books about Labor, Management, and Mission in the Arts," is a collection of articles, letters, essays, and notes Schweitzer wrote between 1978 and 2017.
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  • More Than Meets the Ear - How Symphony Musicians Made Labor History
    • Learn more about this fascinating book by Julie Ayer.
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San Francisco Symphony Orchestra

Photo credit: Bill Swerbeniski